[COVID-19] Jean-Claude Sarremejeanne's message to UMF members

[COVID-19] Jean-Claude Sarremejeanne's message to UMF members

Dear members, dear all,

At a time when our country is going through an exceptional period of pandemic, which affects us both in our personal and professional lives, I would like to address you to tell you about the 100% mobilization of the UMF, and the actions we have been taking since the beginning of this health crisis.

The maritime transport sector is fundamental to ensure the essential supplies for our country, especially food and medical products.

Thus, it is important to let people know that the Port of Marseille - Fos is working, the GPMM and the professionals of our port place having set up continuity of service plans. The port and logistics chain continues to operate in compliance with regulatory obligations related to the current state of health emergency.

In the face of this new ordeal that our country and more particularly our companies are going through, I would like to salute the professionalism of each and every one of you. As the economic impact on our sector is already being severely felt, rest assured that UMF will be at your side and will accompany you as best as possible throughout this period.

We have taken the initiative to order masks and hydro-alcoholic gel from TLF Overseas for all members who wish to do so; if necessary, the Aix Marseille Provence Metropolis will also be able to provide you with these indispensable products for you and your employees.

More than ever, the cohesion of our port area initiated during the Commitment Pact for Marseille Fos, continues. Yesterday evening, a conference call enabled all the public and private players to coordinate their efforts in managing this crisis: GPMM, UMF professionals (ship services, forwarding agents, stevedores, shipping agents...), economic players (Aix Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry and UPE 13), and local authorities (Métropole AMP and Région Sud).

This is the press release of the GPMM and the UMF sent today, on the continuity of the activity in Marseille-Fos, in English and French.

Finally, I would like to remind you that the CCI AMP has been designated by the Prefect as a one-stop shop for the support of companies in difficulty. The UMF regularly distributes information from the CCI AMP, and you can send us your difficulties, which we will relay to it.

Let us remain vigilant and supportive, and, when the time comes, the commitment of each of you will enable us to resume the growth dynamic of our port centre.

Good luck to you, to your colleagues and to your loved ones.

Jean-Claude SARREMEJEANNE - President of UMF