The Maritime and River Union has been offering, for many years, complete training courses on various topics.

UMF members and non-members are welcome !

🔴 Port Synergy

- To enable the development of a common port and promotional culture for everyone, whatever their business and profession,
- Increase cross-business understanding so that each person knows better what the other is doing and what their operational needs and constraints are,
- To have a common representation of the quality of service,
- To build a bridge between professions and facilitate the evolution and mobility of personnel,
- Improve overall collective performance.

🗓 10 - 17 - 24 NOVEMBER 2020 / 1 DECEMBER 2020

🔴 Dangerous goods training

A.   In-depth knowledge of the IMDG Code - Initial Training
- A "thorough knowledge of the IMDG Code" within the meaning of Chapter of the IMDG Code
- A good knowledge of the local regulations applicable to the Marseille and Fos terminals
- A mastery of the dangerous goods declaration in the various information systems

🗓 NOVEMBER 3 AND 4, 2020

B. Renewal Amendment 39 - Recycling
- Revision of the IMDG Code
- Awareness of the changes between Amendment 38 and Amendment 39
- Mastery of the IMDG Code - Amendment 39 and day-to-day document navigation

🗓 NOVEMBER 2, 2020

🔴 Potting Safety CTU Code

- Give the personnel organising the stuffing or unstuffing of containers the training required in paragraph of the IMDG Code and Chapter 13 of the CTU (Cargo in Transport Unit) Code.
- To make personnel aware of the conditions of transport encountered during maritime transport so that they can take full account of the importance of the quality of their work.
- Know how to check by calculation whether the gripping means in place are sufficient to oppose the movement forces, taking into account the parameters given by the regulations.
- Be aware of your responsibilities and those of other stakeholders so that you can defend the interests of your company before, during and after loading.


|| Program and Methods ||

The teaching methods used :
✔️theory lessons
✔️ presentations
✔️ practical exercises
✔️ indoor demonstrations.

Type of training action (within the meaning of article L.6111.1 of the Labour Code) :
The actions envisaged fall into one of the categories provided for in Article L6111.1 of the Labour Code: adaptation and development of skills, promotion, prevention, acquisition, maintenance or improvement of knowledge.


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