General Assembly UMF 2020

General Assembly UMF 2020

In compliance with the health constraints in force, UMF was able to hold its annual general meeting on Wednesday 17 September 2020, in the magnificent setting of the Villa Gaby in Marseille.

UMF would like to thank all its members present or represented, Mr Paul Tourret and Mr Hervé Martel for their speeches, and all the guests, personalities and journalists who gave us the pleasure and honour of their presence, and who contributed to the success of this day.

A special thought for our President Jean-Claude Sarremejeanne, for whom this was the 1st General Assembly, and for Marie Hélène Pasquier, Secretary General of the UMF, for whom this was the last General Assembly.

This General Assembly concluded with the presentation of new trade measures within the framework of the Marseille Fos pact of commitment to recovery and competitiveness.
For our clients and partners, immediately applicable commercial measures representing more than €6.5 million were adopted.
MGI has participated in this effort by offering entry fees to all new chargers connecting to Ci5 from now until the end of 2020. In order to help shippers get started, the first month's subscription is free of charge.

Find out more about the measures of the Marseille Fos Relaunch & Competitiveness Commitment Pact: