Committees and working groups

Committees and working groups

UMF runs its action through several working committees: - Oil, liquid bulk and chemistry - Promotion of the petrochemical sector - Breakbulk - Digital - Solid bulk - Professional training - Quality charter.


Oil, liquid bulk and chemistry

President: Cédric MOROT-BIZOT

Objectives: Gather all the operators of the sector on a regular basis in order to:

  • Provide an overview of the flows and activities in our basins, and of the development of competing ports
  • Report the common issues of present operators and find solutions

Meeting schedule: Bimonthly

Operators: industrialists of the sector, shipping agents, hauliers, GPMM, Marine Affairs, Customs, …

File: Clearance working group - Identify the missing information in a common document, so as to notify the charterers and study the possibility of welcoming ships in the best possible conditions.

- Detail of the terminal

- Detailed map of the dock

- Map of the technical facilities

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Promotion of the petrochemical sector

Objectives: Promote the features of Marseille-Fos (facilities and activities of the sector) and work on portraying a positive image of the sector

Meeting schedule: Quarterly

File: Inception and involvement in promotional events

Tankbank:  International conference of the petrochemical storage sector, for the first time in Marseille on the 21st and 22nd of June 2018

UMF panel discussion: Innovation and energy transition - The problem of funding in maritime and port industries (June 21st 2018)

EPCA (European Petro Chemical Association) congress: Via Marseille Fos attends it every year since 2016

PGLC (Petrochemicals Global Logistics Convention): held by UMF and Tankbank in 2019, 2022 and 203

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President: Jean Claude SARREMEJEANNE

Objectives: bring the professionals of the sector together through the promotion of this evolving industry, in cooperation with GPMM


- Communication media (PowerPoint, presentation leaflet in French and English, video, news bulletins, conventional advertisement), along with the communication department of GPMM

- Active preparation for the Breakbulk promotional actions of VMF

- Promotional workshop for the Breakbulk sector in Lyon on September 24th 2018

Trade fair: Breakbulk convention in Bremen on 21-23 May 2019, Shipping Days in La Rochelle on 23-24 March 2023…



President: Martin FERAUD

Objective:  Digital and its integration in all trades of the port and logistics chain becoming an essential subject, this working group was created in 2019. Regular meetings allow exchanges between start-ups in the territory and members of UMF, in order to see how to work better together and thus support companies in the port area in their development and digital transformation projects.


- Participation in all the Steering Committees, Technical Committees and Working Groups of the French Smart Port in Med, as well as in the Smart Port day

- Permanent monitoring of digital and "Smart Port" news in France

- Challenge launched by the UMF and the GPMM on the theme "digital employment training platform" during the Smart Port Challenge in 2021

- Partnership with Pôle Med Méditerranée, ZEBOX, Marseille Innovation, CISAM+


Solid bulk

President: Matthieu CORRIEZ

Objectives: Promote the features of Marseille-Fos (facilities and activities of the sector) and work on portraying a positive image of the sector

Meeting schedule: Quarterly

File: Involvement in promotional events while working in coordination with new sectors

Pollutec: Attendance at the Pollutec convention in 2018, in partnership with Via Marseille Fos

Waste sector: effort in understanding the potential of the waste sector (recycling and reclamation) in order to develop a new industrial sector in our basins.


Professional trainings

President: Arnoux MAYOLY

  • Dangerous goods training, from entry level to confirmed level and renewal
  • Port synergy training: a unique training in France which enables, in a very short time, a full grasp of the port chain, its professions and contributors. A training made by professionals for professionals.

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Quality charter

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