Community informatics

About MGI

Since more than 30 years, MGI has been designing and implementing Cargo Community Systems (CCS) in port, airport and land communities.

MGI holds a certificate ISO 27001 Security and Information Management, and joins forces with the National Agency for Information Systems Security (Agence National de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information, ANSSI) regarding cybersecurity management methods.


Designer, developer and operator of innovative solutions

- Ci5, Cargo Intelligence 5 is the new generation of Cargo Community System. The solution will be implemented in the port of Marseille-Fos in 2018, replacing AP+. Developed around MGI’s vision: connecting the supply chains through intelligent door-to-door fluidity and visibility of goods, Ci5 is based on five novel principles: Business intelligence, Activity Monitoring, Fast Lane, Interoperability, User centric, enabling logistics communities to increase productivity and attractiveness.

- Channel 5 artificial intelligence (AI) for ports

First company in the maritime industry to offer services around AI, MGI provides an information channel and a decision support tool for the management of goods in the port’s ecosystem. Channel 5 intends to make the supply chains more robust and resilient by informing the professionals about the situation of the port’s system, by detecting hazards susceptible of impacting the flow of goods, and by suggesting alternatives to address them. The solution also enables port terminals to foresee the import and export flows.

- M-customs : Import Control System solution, communication platform for the management of ICS flows, M-customs was the first solution to be certified by French customs under the approval number ICS-001.

- Customised services: audit and consulting regarding software edition, integration and exploitation, B2B integration service, support and change management, training and user assistance.



In its search for excellence and evermore innovative services to provide, MGI surrounds itself with partners recognised worldwide:

Thales Services for the development of Ci5, which is based on innovative and open source technologies.

CEA tech for the Artificial Intelligence engine “ExpressIF” integrated in Channel 5, decision support tool in ports.



Proof of the innovative aspect of its solutions, MGI was recognised by its peers three times in 2017:

  • Gold IT award, IAPH, Indonesia, May 2017, project Smart Port 2.0 with Neptune Port and Ci5
  • Port of the Future Trophy, Paris, September 2017, in the Logistics category with Channel 5
  • Special jury prize at the MED’Innovant contest, Marseille, November 2017 with Channel 5

By improving fluidity, traceability and competitiveness, the solutions provided by MGI allow for an acceleration of information exchange between the operators of international commerce, and for a better driving of their logistics flows.