transport terrestre

Land carrier

Function / Activity

Physical transportation of goods is the core business of land carriers.

The container carrier ensures the pre- and post-conveyance of containers between the factory or warehouse and the port.


Introduction to the profession in Marseille-Fos

In general terms, road transportation is heavily regulated (notably regarding road safety, working time, authorisations…).

About 40 companies of container road transportation are settled in Marseille-Fos. They employ 1.800 workers and use 800 motor vehicles.

River transportation is a mode that develops quickly. Fortunately, the port of Fos has a direct waterway access to the Rhône.

This mode of transportation allows, on the one hand, to significantly unblock the FOS/LYON motorway axis, on the other hand, to ease the removal of containers from the port of Fos by massifying freight transport.

Rail transportation is subject to many investment projects in the port basins of Marseille and Fos, in order to support its development as part of the strategic orientations of GPMM.


Future development of the profession

Companies of this sector are increasingly faced with international competition.

Their activity is directly linked to maritime traffic.