Maritime insurer and maritime insurances agent

Function / Activity

Maritime insurances agents represent French and foreign insurance companies. They act on their behalf and their mandate grants them all powers to rate, subscribe and manage all maritime and transport risks of all professions in the maritime transport industry. They measure the risks presented by clients (or brokers who represent them) and determine, with their agreement, the maximum exposure, the extent of the appropriate cover and its price depending on the nature of the risks. In case of damage, they look into the dossiers before them and proceed with the payment if it is owed. Lastly, they file the potential appeals against liable third parties.

Equipped with proficient computer systems of analysis and management, they can quickly assess the needs of their policyholders and establish customised insurance programs. Furthermore, integrated programs of portfolio management enable them to convey exhaustive management reports to the insurance companies with which they maintain trusting relationships, based on long years of keeping one’s word and experiencing complementary skills.

L’activité est réglementée tant en ce qui concerne les compagnies que les agents d’assurance. Ces professions sont sous le contrôle du Ministère des Finances en ce qui concerne les sécurités financières et la compétence professionnelle. Les assurances de responsabilité sont couvertes sous le contrôle du syndicat national.


Introduction to the profession in Marseille-Fos

The Maritime Insurers Union of Marseille has five members; the Maritime Insurers Union of France has 40 members.

After Paris, Marseille is the second main French city concerning “maritime and transport” insurances, where the major insurance companies gather.


Future development of the profession

While the largest insurance companies and brokerage groups embark on a race towards gigantism, the specialisation of regional firms acquires more value. These small offices are more reachable and better suited for analysis, establishment and management of customised covers, while still profiting from the financial safety of big companies.