Jakob Sidenius' words

The President’s words

In an international context marked by geopolitical conflicts impacting maritime transport, our federation is more than ever at its members' side.

The UMF board of directors has defined a collaborative roadmap for the 2023 - 2025 term of office, in order to prioritize issues and ensure a monitoring of the various problems dealt with by our organization, in different fields: the development strategy for the Marseille-Fos basins, the fluidity and development of different modes of transport (road, rail, river), the hinterland, sustainable development...

In particular, UMF has a seat on the CCIL to defend the interests of our port in the construction of the future large maritime-fluvial port stretching from Marseille to Lyon.

To support this ambition, the team of permanent staff recently added a seventh member in charge of Public Affairs.

The year 2024 celebrates UMF's 120th anniversary. In partnership with the STM, AACN, CMAF and SEMFOS trade associations, we are organizing a "grand martime Gala" on May 23, bringing together over 300 local and national personalities from the maritime, economic and political sectors.


Jakob Sidenius, President of the UMF