The President’s words

Port activities are the link between land and sea, the confluence of two worlds that often disregard each other. Only hard-working, keen and seasoned men and women can achieve them. All my career hinges on these values, which are essential driving forces in port operations. Since my first job as a head of department in a handling company, up to my CEO position at Somarsid Sosersid, I’ve endeavoured to expand firms towards new heights while ensuring maximal employee involvement.



After a double initial training in Marketing and at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Transport and Logistics, I chose to travel and to start my working life in the Antilles, by the sea. I don’t regret this youthful choice in which the dream of the Caribbean seas met the interest of a first job. After that, I’ve always worked for the development of port and sea activities in Marseille or Fos. It is a family legacy and a personal dedication. Presently, I preside over two organisations, Somarsid and Sosersid, which employ 180 people. At age 62, I’m preparing my career transition while ensuring handover to my successor and strengthening my management team.



Simultaneously, I periodically take on the role of instructor and/or international consultant to convey my passion for the profession and ply my skills in human management, port projects or engineering. Today, this appeal for teaching and communication leads me to enthusiastically and proudly preside over the UMF. I love the port and I love Marseille Fos; I will make every effort towards the success of the port community and I intend to build ambitious strategies for each of the markets or geographical areas concerned. Then – when my new duties allow time – I also intend to head back to my sailboat with my friends and family!



Jean-Claude Sarremejeanne, President of the UMF