Ship repair company

Function / Activity

Ship repair companies carry out, on behalf of their customers (the shipowners), services of maintenance, repair and refit of ships: fairing, painting, boiler making, mechanics, electronics, layout…

They can take action as an ordering customer or as a subcontractor.

Marseille is a very efficient port for technical stops, thanks to its large number of dry docks offering easy entries and exits for ships, in which the receiving length goes up to 465 meters. The size of facilities allows for the accomodation of all kinds of vessels (yacht, cruise, ferry, LNG carrier, cargo, tanker, container carrier, etc.).

Considering the scale of required investments in terms of infrastructure and machinery, ship repair is a full-fledged industrial sector which contributes to the global attractiveness of a port.


Introduction to the profession in Marseille-Fos

The Marseillaise ship repair sector gathers dozens of companies, clients and subcontractors, reputed for their experience and professionalism.


Future development of the profession

The increasing size of ships requires the use of larger and larger port facilities in the ship repair sector.

The presence of Forme 10 in Marseille, one of the three biggest facilities in the world, is a genuine advantage for the port community.

It has been renovated and is fully operational since April 2017.