Function / Activity

The shipowners possess, operate or charter (bareboat) ships.

They ensure the sea transportation of goods or passengers.


Introduction to the profession in Marseille-Fos

At present, ten French shipowners are settled in Marseille within the first French shipping port community. They gather in the Marseillese Committee of the Shipowners of France (Comité Marseillais des Armateurs de France, CMAF). They employ 20.000 people worldwide, including 5.100 locally.


Future development of the profession

Maritime transport is a cyclical business by definition, because it is subject to the trading market forces, which affect the freight rates and charter rates of the ships.

Its reliance on barrel prices is also significant, since oil constitutes a substantial part of a ship’s daily cost.

The inescapable but delicate exercise of market forecasting determines the development policy of the Shipowners, who invest on the long term in a context that can be exposed to vicissitudes.

The main challenges for the French Shipowners in the coming years revolve around the technological and environmental transformations their industry is going through.

On the technological side, the digital revolution is a considerable advantage to:

  • Optimise the supply chain and the customers information flow
  • Develop the concept of “smart vessel”
  • Reinforce the responsiveness to changing operations

On the environmental side, the Shipowners intend to take part in the energy transition by examining the use of less polluting fuel (LNG…) or shore power connections in order to limit emissions, but also by promoting the eco-management of their ships. Above and beyond, the Shipowners are committed to the consolidation of security and safety for their activities on the international scope that is theirs.

Enfin l’excellence humaine est au cœur des stratégies Armatoriales, en tant que vecteur essentiel de la qualité et de la reconnaissance du Pavillon Français.

Lastly human excellence is at the heart of the Shipowners’ strategies, as it is an essential vector of the French Pavilion’s quality and recognition.