Towing staff

Function / Activity

The tow consists in assisting the ship by towing, pushing or hindering it by means of one or several trailers when the ship cannot berth or leave the port by itself. The ship’s captain commands the tow to the port’s captaincy, which passes it to the towing facility.

The tow is not mandatory.

The towing staff is also called on:

  • to rescue ships that have trouble offshore
  • to combat fires in ports
  • to combat marine pollutions


Introduction to the profession in Marseille-Fos

The towing activity is regulated by the prefectoral order of 26 March 2009.

The company Boluda Marseille-Fos employs 158 sailors and 14 onshore personnel.


Future development of the profession

This profession is depends entirely on the traffic in ports.

This activity holds a fleet of 10 towing vessels (including 2 emergency hulls) distributed between the East and West basins of the Port.

The company plays an active part with project leaders who work on marine renewable energies: it provides a maritime expertise as well as an adaptable fleet for the offshore installation and maintenance of these innovative technologies.