Vessel guard

Function / Activity

The guarding of the ships in which bulk hazardous materials are present is mandatory and set in the Regulation for the Transportation and Handling of Dangerous Goods in Seaports (RPM, Règlement pour le transport et la Manutention des Marchandises Dangereuses dans les Ports Maritimes – Section IV – Gardiennage – Articles 24.1 and 24.2).

Guards on board of ships that carry bulk hazardous materials must actively and continuously oversee (or support follow-up of) the operations of loading, unloading or transshipment.

They must contribute to the safety of commercial operations and make sure that regulatory prescriptions are respected. If needed, they must call the Port Police Authorities (AIPPP, Autorité investie des pouvoirs de Police Portuaire).

Practically, guards embark on the vessel as soon as it berths and finish their job when the ship leaves at the pilot’s command.


Introduction to the profession in Marseille-Fos

At the moment, 4 guarding companies share almost all of the traffic, but self-employed guards also operate with Shipping Agencies or as subcontractors.

99% of this activity takes place in the west basin of the port of Marseille


Future development of the profession

Because of the correlation “one ship / one guard”, the guarding activity is linked to the traffic development of ships carrying bulk hazardous materials.